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My best work in Branding & Identity Design

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Smartfoos Case Study

Smartfoos 1: Case Study

After watching a lot of foosball tournaments, I was amazed at the speed of the ball and how fast the athletes spun their wrists. That's when I knew I had to incorporate that into the brand.

Smartfoos Guides

Smartfoos 2: Guides

After pinning down all aspects of the logo, it's time to make sure all the visual math checks out.

Smartfoos Finals

Smartfoos 3: Finals

These are all of the final logos against light and dark backgrounds.

Smartfoos Merch Mock-ups

Smartfoos 4: Merch Mock-ups

Stakeholders really love it when you do this kind of stuff.

Frank & Roze - Funky Version

Frank & Roze 1: Funky Version

They wanted a version that was really "out there".

Frank & Roze - Sleek Version

Frank & Roze 2: Sleek Version

You don't make reservations at a coffee house, but if you did, it might look like this.

Frank & Roze - Classic Version

Frank & Roze 3: Classic Version

Do a "Parisian-like version...something that looks antique" they said.

Frank & Roze - Success

Frank & Roze 4: Success

This is the one that everyone like the most.

1Pel Branding

1Pel 1: Logo Design

The 3 grayed-out logos were close contenders to be the final.

1Pel Business Cards

1Pel 2: Business Card

These were our business cards.



The running theme of the thunderbolt depicts the quickness in the delivery of our content and information.

Tipple's Brews - Branding

Tipple's Brews: Branding

Uninterested in giving his new business the conventional liquor store name, the client wanted me to conjure up something unique, so I made Mr. Tipple.

Tipple's Brews - Hot Sauce Label

Tipple's Brews: Hot Sauce Label

Hand-drew a different persona of Mr. Tipple that would resonate better for hot sauce.

Tipple's Brews - Hot Sauces

Tipple's Brews: Hot Sauces

Not trying to be biased here but these were really good.

Axon Clothing - Logo Design

Axon Clothing: Winning Logo

I entered a logo contest and won with this. Little did I know that I was going to be doing a robust line of services for the client.

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