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Alethea → See The Case Study

I am currently employed with Alethea in combating disinformation. You can view the full case study where I tackle unique UX challenges and dense data visualization hurdles to help this data platform perform and look better.

Friday Health Plans → See The Case Study

Here's a brief video showcasing our Figma files, design system, and components. You can view the full case study to learn about all the UX challenges and the solutions we implemented to design this health care app from scratch.

Homepage Wireframe

Cinefuse 1: Homepage Wireframe

Cinefuse only has two main pages and this is the first.

Movie Details Wireframe

Cinefuse 2: Movie Details Wireframe

The second is this movie details page, which gets you to the main content with one click.

User Interface

Cinefuse 3: UI

User interface design and iconography used as one sprite sheet with a dark and light version.

Phone App Prototype

Cinefuse 4: Prototype

Phone app prototype.

Commenting Logic

Cinefuse 5: Commenting Logic

Map of how commenting worked on the Cinefuse platform. This process, along with the badge behavior (below) would eliminate the need for a separate notifications tab.

Badge Behavior

Cinefuse 6: Badge Behavior

Wireframe of how badges work on Cinefuse platform.

Payment Dashboard

Cinefuse 7: Payment Dashboard

Wireframe of payment dashboard for admins and users.

Data Mapping

1Pel 1: Data Mapping

Mind Map - maps and flows showing how our company handled its data whether internally or with 3rd-party companies.

Data Dashboard

1Pel 2: Data Dashboard

Polished wireframes of data dashboard.

Challenged At

Challenged At

The app is called "Challenged At" and this was the entire navigation flow for your profile account.

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