Tipple's Brews

Uninterested in giving his new business the conventional store name, the client wanted me to conjure up something unique, so I made Mr. Tipple.

Reversed Triangle


Mr. Tipple is a big-game hunter with an affinity for exotic wines, beers, and cheeses. He traveled the world in search of them and even dabbled in brewing his own from time to time.

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Client relayed how well the Grand Opening was received, as shown by the photo on the left. Over 500 locals attended with two police units to help organize.



Some even got tattoos while others dressed up.

Captain Spongefoot

Captain Spongefoot

Client teamed up with an award-winning, hot sauce company to brand their bottles with Mr. Tipple's likeness.

Hot Sauce

Different Marketing, Same Sauce

This tactic was to boost Captain Spongefoot's footing in Mr. Tipple's area by leveraging his brand.

Hot Sauce Shield


Hand-drew a different persona of Mr. Tipple that would resonate better for hot sauce.

Cranberry Chipotle

Cranberry Chipotle

Up-close look at the label.

Other Flavors

Different Flavors

The two other labels for Meleguta and Honey Sriracha.

Shirt Design

Mystic Journeyman Shirt Design

This illustration was to show Mr. Tipple's many journeys across the world in search of exotic wines and beers.

The Shirt

One Rock, Two Shirts

I had to create a single design that would compliment two different shirt colors.

Yelp Rating


Grateful to play a small part in the success of this establishment.
(Screenshot taken May 2015)

White Triangle


Anthony Tran

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