This position required me to wear a lot of hats from graphic, interactive, storyboarding, to photography. These are the highlights from those roles.

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Invertise Case Study

Case Study

One-sheet educating clients on the impact of digital advertising and how it effects their industry.

Invertise Client Handout

Client Handout

Two-page instructional handout for clients.

Invertise Social Pitch

Social Pitch Deck

A presentation boasting the company's social capabilities.

Invertise 3D Design

3D Design

3D illustrations created without full-fledged, 3D software.

The Story of Data Gathering

My mission here was to create a story that helped influence the way audiences see data gathering. I’m impartial to this subject, but I know it’s a sensitive matter for most people. Despite my lack of familiarity with it, I was able to compose a friendly and informative product by performing the following.

  • Conceptualized Backstory
  • Storyboarding
  • Handcrafted props
  • Miniature set design
  • Directed photoshoot

Designing the DNA

Inspired by R2D2, I developed a world of friendly, personal “Droids” to help the 21st-century consumer. These Droids provided a human connection with data gathering, while showing the company’s branded perspective.

Built To Serve

They needed a relatable story, so I crafted their origin with this shot showing a little of their history.

Data Gathering

The Droids are dedicated to discovering more about your online needs to better serve you. During this slide, we presented statistics, charts, and case studies to the potential client.

Home Interaction

Wherever there is a screen, ads can provide targeted help to improve your lifestyle. In this scenario, our model Cassi is a fan of Charlize Theron and based on that data, Cassi’s household appliance can keep her in the loop about Charlize’s upcoming movies.

In a different, more practical example, the refrigerator could inform Cassi that she is almost out of coffee, and display an ad for a discount at her nearest grocery store.

Public Interaction

On her way to pick up more coffee, Cassi notices another Charlize Theron ad but this particular movie isn’t interesting to her. The ad recognizes Cassi’s disinterest and shifts away from promoting the movie itself, instead connecting with Cassi based on the necklace Charlize is wearing due to her interests in jewelry — necklaces to be exact.

By customizing itself to Cassi’s data, the ad successfully engages her by letting her know the necklace is sold at a department store just across the street from the coffee shop.

Cross Platform

Here is a before-and-after shot of the Droids monitoring behavior across all platforms and devices to ensure the value of the data is accurate.

The Future

I had the opportunity to craft this concept without any specific instructions. I believe Droids like these present data gathering in a fun, positive perspective that communicates the everyday convenience and efficiency that integrated data could bring to our futures.


Anthony Tran

Cassi Roberts

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